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With every coming year, the IT sector reflects new changes in the industry. Technology is evolving each and every day, and a majority of employees is being left to fend for themselves in a wilderness loaded with new software, latest equipment, and social media platforms and many more. Subsequently, This has led to uncertainty around technology, particularly when it comes to data security. Moreover , security and risk management skills are extremely sought after by employers, and the market is still growing. Thereby, increasing the demand of certified Security Engineer. So, if you want to become a certified Security Engineer, then Cisco CCNP Security Certification is the best match for you. Therefore, to attain this certification, candidate must qualify all four examinations.  The first step towards this certification includes qualification of Cisco Security 300-208 SISAS exam.

However, this article is entirely related to Cisco Security 300-208 SISAS exam. Therefore, let’s understand what is CCNP Certification and how will you benefit from this certification.

What is the CCNP Security Certification?

The CCNP Security is an advanced level certification that confirms an applicant’s skill in securing networking devices and appliances including routers, switches, etc. Moreover, 

The Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) Security certification is best suited for candidates who want to work as network security engineers. Subsequently, these professionals are responsible for security in switches, routers, and networking tools. Besides, they also possess the suitable understanding and skills to organize, decide, support, and troubleshoot firewalls, DS/IPS solutions, and VPNS for the networks.

To acquire CCNP Security Certification, one must qualify the following exams-

  • The first exam is 300-208 SISAS: Implementing Cisco Secure Access Solutions
  • Not to mention the second exam is 300-206 SENSS: Implementing Cisco Edge Network Security Solutions
  • Afterwards the third one is 300-209 SIMOS: Implementing Cisco Secure Mobility Solutions
  • Also, 300-210 SITCS: Implementing Cisco Threat Control Solutions

Benefits of CCNP Security Certification

It is a well-known fact that Cisco provides candidates with valuable and marketable IT certifications. Therefore, being Cisco certified comes with a lot of benefits too. Here is a list of all the benefits a candidate enjoy-

  • First thing first, if you’re a Cisco certified security engineer, then the job availability increases thereby increase in salary potential.
  • Apart from, good job status and salary, you also become eligible for positions that have high growth expected in the upcoming years.
  • Secondly, achieving the CCNP certification, confirms that you are  recognized as a person that has received the best training available in the industry.
  • Not to mention, you always remain up to date with technology.
  • Moreover, if you wish to travel around the world, you can easily apply for jobs in countries such as Nigeria, India, Dubai, USA, Algeria, Angola, UK and Australia.

But in this article we’re going to understand and get a hold of CCNP Security 300-208 SISAS Exam. So let’s start.

OVERVIEW: 300-208 SISAS Exam

The 300-208 SISAS exam verify that network security engineer has prior knowledge of  the components and architecture of secure access, by utilizing 802.1X and Cisco TrustSec. Moreover, the exam assesses knowledge of the candidate in the following areas-

  • First thing first, candidate should be proficient in Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) architecture
  • Secondly, he/she should have knowledge of Solution and components as an overall network threat mitigation and endpoint control solutions.
  • Lastly, a candidate must have a clear understanding of fundamental concepts of bring your own device (BYOD) using posture and profiling services of ISE.

In addition to this, the exam comprises of 55-65 questions. Candidate has to complete the exam in 90 minutes. Moreover, 300-208 SISAS examination is available in the English language. Along with this, the examination fee is USD 300.


Exam details become the most essential part of any examination. Therefore, we’re providing in this section all the relevant information regarding Cisco 300-208 SISAS examination. So, that you can find all the information under one roof.


To appear for 300-208 SISAS examination an approved CCIE or CCNA Security certification can work as a prerequisite for the CCNP Security certification.


The Cisco 300-208 exam comprises of 55-65 questions. During the exam, the candidate may encounter the following type of questions

  • multiple-choice single answer
  • multiple-choice multiple answers
  • Simulations
  • Fill-in-the-Blank & Test let
  • Simlet



If a candidate is a resident of the United States then, the fee for appearing for Cisco 300-208 exam is 300 USD. This pricing varies from country to country. As the applicable taxes are not included in the fee, so make sure you confirm with your exam provider for an exact fee.


As far as the scoring process is concerned, Cisco qualifying score is generally laid down by statistical analysis. However, this statistical analysis keeps on changing. Along with this, the scorecard is sent to the candidates along with exam section score and the passing score for the exam. However, Cisco does not publish their score because questions and exam passing score can be changed.  

Thus, sums up all the exam details. Now, let’s move on and understand the course outline for Cisco 300-208 exam.

Course outline: 300-208 SISAS Exam

Cisco provides you with outline skills. This list includes all the modules that need to be covered in the Cisco 300-208 exam. These modules are designed according to the candidate’s convenience. Moreover, weight age of each module is also mentioned. Thereby, making it easier for candidates to focus on important topics as well as module. This will eventually result in passing the exam easily.

MODULE 1: Identity Management/Secure Access

The first and foremost module of the course outline has its weight age of 33% in the examination. This module covers all the major part of the examination. Therefore, make sure you prepare this module well. Furthermore, this module covers all the topics related to Implementing Device Administration, Describing Identity Management, implementing Wired/Wireless 802.1x, MAB, Network Authorization Enforcement and central web authorization. Besides this, the module also covers Implementing guest services, posturing as well as BYOD access.

MODULE 2: Threat Defense

The second module in the course outline covers only 10% of exam questions. Not to mention, this module includes topics such as Implementing firewall and Describing SGA ACLs

MODULE 3: Troubleshooting, Monitoring, and Reporting Tools

Furthermore, the next module i.e. the third module is all about troubleshooting identity management solutions. This module only covers 7% of the exam questions which is lowest among all.

MODULE 4: Threat Defense Architectures

Following them is the fourth module. This module includes topics related to Design highly secure wireless solution. Moreover, this module covers 17% of the exam format, just like the above-mentioned module.

MODULE 5: Identity Management Architectures

Finally, this is the last module. The fifth module covers topic related to Designing AAA security solution, profiling security solution, posturing security solution and BYOD security solution. Similarly, this module also includes Designing device admin security solution and guest services security solution as well. As a result, module has weight age of 33% which makes it a very important.

This was the end to the course outline. However, we do understand that this was a long list of modules. So, don’t get demotivated.  We’ve provided a step by step preparatory guide. So do check that out. But before that let’s understand and acquire the process to schedule the 300-208 exam.

How to Schedule the 300-208 SISAS exam?

Now that you have acquired all the knowledge related to 300-208 SISAS exam. Let’s understand the process of scheduling the exam.

Cisco provides candidates to schedule exam at your own convenience. Not so much of a hassle there. So, allow yourself to prepare well according to your work plan and then schedule.

So, you need to follow the given steps in the process of scheduling the exam –

  • First thing first, log into your account at Pearson VUE.
  • Next, select Proctored Exams and enter the exam number,300-208.
  • Lastly, follow the prompts to register.

Retake Policy for 300-208 SISAS exam

Unfortunately, if any candidate is unsuccessful to qualify the 300-208 SISAS exam and want to retake it. Then-candidate needs to wait for at least 5 business days starting from the day of a failed attempt. 

On the other hand, if candidate have already passed the exam and still want to appear for it again, then candidate has to wait for at least 180 days with identical exam number.

Recertification Policy: 300-208 SISAS Exam

Recertification becomes an important pointer for candidates and their employer that candidates have kept up with current technology trends and validated your skills at the rigorous level of the original certification exam.

To maintain your certification you need to appear for the examination again after three years. Since the certification expires after every three years. However according to Cisco there are going to be certain changes in the certification policy after February 24, 2020. These changes include-

  • First of all, certifications will have a three-year recertification deadline.
  • Secondly, the Continuing Education program will extend up to the CCNA, Specialist, CCNP and CCIE certifications also.
  • In the end, the continuing education point cap for Cisco Live activities and content-authoring, such as writing exam items will be removed.

Exam Related Queries

We have provided all the information regarding the 300-208 SISAS exam. But in case any candidate is facing any problem regarding the certification exam, candidate can visit  This will serve as your one destination to all your problems.

Now that you have all the information regarding Cisco CCNP Security 300-208 SISAS exams, it’s time to know how to do it

Preparatory guide: step by step

Effective learning is necessary to attain a good score in 300-208 SISAS exams. Therefore, we’ve prepared a study guide that will help you clear the exam with flying colours. So let get started.

Importance of official website

The first step in preparatory guide is to visit the official website of Cisco. Candidates need to understand that Cisco official website is the most authentic site for 300-208 SISAS exam for obvious reasons.  Visiting the official certification page must be your first and foremost step. The complete information regarding 300-208 SISAS exam is provided on the official webpage. From prerequisites to the responsibilities of security engineer, exam language, registration fee information, exam skill outline, and learning path everything is available on the official site. So, make sure to visit it.

Reviewing exam objectives

Next step in the preparatory guide includes reviewing exam objectives In case this is your first preparation guide then take a moment to relax. Hopefully, this could be your first step to a high paying job. More importantly, make sure to review all the exam objectives. This would be helpful as it is going to answer all your questions- what topics are relevant, which background would be beneficial etc.

Since every exam has different requirements, hence different exam objectives. Therefore we strongly recommend going through the exam objectives.

Training offered

After reviewing all the exam objectives. Your next step should be to gather all learning resources. Fortunately, Cisco provides instructor led training to candidates all around the globe. The duration of this training is 7 to 8 hour. So, this course is designed to prepare Security Engineers with knowledge and hands on experience. With this mind, the course presents candidates with foundation level knowledge and capabilities to implement and manage network access security by utilizing Cisco ISE appliance product solution.

Study material

Though training will cover most of the necessary skills required. However, Cisco provides the candidate with all the self-studying material too for the 300-208 SISAS exam. Considering the course outline, Cisco has divided the study material according to different modules as well. So, make sure to check that out.

CCNP Security study group

The very next step includes joining a study group. Since there are so many distractions around us. Study groups can turn out to be beneficial for all you. However, this particular step is not compulsory for your preparation. The step of joining any study group totally depends on you. At any point while preparing you can join any study group. In addition, study groups will make sure that you are connected with all other candidates who are also going through the same journey as yours. Moreover, you can always ask a question related to the topic you’re having complexity with. So, it’s all up to you.

Practice your test away

Finally, we’re on the last step for the preparation of 300-208 SISAS exam. This last step will provide you with the exact insight of where you need to work on. Are you ready to self evaluate yourself? For the same, make sure you’re going through sample tests, only after you have prepared for the whole syllabus. All these sample test mock test or practice tests are intended in such a way that candidate come across the real exam environment. Practice papers can be from various sources. Remember the more you test yourself the better you’re going to become. SO START PRACTISING NOW!

Expert Tips

Undoubtedly, experts’ tips can definitely change the way you prepare. So, make sure you follow our expert tips to qualify the Cisco 300-208 SISAS exam.

  • Firstly, pull yourself together, start organizing and make a planner and stick to it.
  • Secondly, track your preparation daily. Also, don’t try to do last minute prep.
  • Furthermore, allow yourself to get enroll in either online or offline training course as well.
  • Lastly, keep in mind that you’ve developed a clear understanding of the whole syllabus before appearing for the exam.

In Conclusion

In every industry hiring employees with certification becomes a very crucial aspect. Therefore, acquiring certification provides candidates to surely make big in their field. Above all, CCNP Security certification confirms that you have the right expertise, training, knowledge and commitment which are required to keep up with the latest certification. Moreover, for any network professional, it is very important to understand the essence as well as the entire workmanship attached with the job.

Besides this every industry is looking for CCNP certified Network experts. Since, these are individuals who are going to protect their company form all kinds’ online threats. So, make sure to go qualify the examination in the very first attempt. This will certainly boost your confidence. As a result you will be able to clear the three tests to reach your goal of becoming a certified CCNP Security Engineer.